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HR Manager - Compensation & Benefits (C&B) and Policies & Practices (P&P)

Job Title: HR Manager - Compensation & Benefits (C&B) and Policies & Practices (P&P)
Location: Singapore
Reference: 55FD1278BFC7F247
Job Published: November 25, 2021 20:00

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

A dual focus role, covering C&B and P&P

C&B - provide input into the C&B strategic review ensuring that it is designed to meet EiMs goals and strategy and beat the competition with creative C&B offerings that attract and retain a stronger workforce. Responsible for managing and administering the C&B framework including compensation policies and systems, development and maintenance of job descriptions, job sizing, benchmarking, and managing the annual review process.

  • Provide input into the C&B strategic review based on best practice and latest trends
  • Create consistent compensation guidelines that match the values and organizational culture
  • Support hiring managers in developing job descriptions
  • Conduct job evaluations and classifications
  • Conduct annual salary and labour market research to define benchmarks
  • Apply effective communication strategies to C&B related matters
  • Keep abreast with new trend and best practice in the filed and make recommendations into employee benefits that support the EVP
  • Manage and provide support to the annual review process
  • Ensure that compensation practices follow current laws and regulations
  • Conduct periodic audits, prepare and present reports
  • P&P - responsible for reviewing, developing, and implementing HR Policies and practices and advising and guiding Colleges/Schools in the consistent implementation.

  • Review existing HR policies and practices in the context of EiM
  • Undertake internal/external research on best practice in HR policies and practices identifying necessary changes and recommendations
  • Ensure that HR policies are maintained
  • Develop systematic feedback mechanisms for evaluating policy impact and effectiveness, and mechanisms for respective policy updates and changes, considering evolving organizational goals and needs
  • Provide advice on application, and where necessary interpretation, of Policies and Practices considering past practice and precedents and, if necessary, case law
  • Promote consistent application of HR policies and practices throughout the Organization including being the SME for training content
  • Maintain a log of waivers and precedents
  • Serve as the Group focal point on issues related to conditions of employment
  • Provide policy advice and guidance as necessary, in particular where staff members are subject to labour laws in the respectives countries of operation
  • Experience/Qualifications

  • BA in human resources, business administration or similar relevant field
  • Previous experience working as a C&B specialist for 6+ years
  • Hands on experience of undertaking Job Evaluation
  • Experience of leading the review and development of HR Polices and Practise
  • Familiarity with employment rules and regulations across multiple countries
  • Hands on experience with quantitative and qualitative C&B and P&P research
  • Personal Qualities

  • Proficiency in written and oral English
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Influence and negotiating skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Strong business acumen and project management skills
  • Education in Motion is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all applicants to share the same. We follow safe recruitment practices which are aligned to the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection. We hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection. We hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

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    Strong Business Acumen
    Quantitative Research
    Analytical Skills
    Qualitative Research
    Interpersonal Skills
    Critical Thinking
    problem solving skills
    Negotiation Skills
    Employment Law Compliance
    Communication Skills
    compensation policy
    project management skills
    Strategic review
    Job Evaluation