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Chinese recruitment solutions provider MoSeeker has raised $15 million in a series B funding round participated exclusively by Recruit Holdings. Recruit Holdings also participat...

by Marcus Sim


There are many HR Tech solutions on the market. Don't spend too much time on selecting the ultimate solution. It is better to move and experiment. Read more

by Marcus Sim


HR technology is finding favor with the CXO suite, who are ready to invest to make HR interventions more value-adding. Read more

by Marcus Sim


HR tech is helping us pave the way for a whole new future in HR. We are learning as much from tech as it’s learning from us. As we head into HR Tech, Here’s some strategies to b...

by Marcus Sim


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by Marcus Sim


The HR Technology Market is under radical change in 2018. AI, machine learning, and intelligent tools are everywhere. Read the 10 top trends to watch for the year ahead. Read More

by Marcus Sim


Forrester: Companies will pay 20% more for in-demand tech talent in 2018. Additionally, the firm predicts 20% of CEOs will put their companies at risk by not acting on digital t...

by Marcus Sim


Uber HR software enables employers to manage Uber rides on business trips, offer rides as employee perks and ferry job candidates to interviews. Read more

by Marcus Sim


Today, digital innovation influences every aspect of our workplace, and more recently, many tech startups are setting their sights on the advancement of human resources. Read More

by Peter Deon