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Qualtrics Launches Candidate Experience to Help Organizations More Effectively Recruit Top Talent


SINGAPORE, May 2021– Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the world’s No. 1 Experience  Management (XM) provider and creator of the XM category, today announced a new  solution that helps organizations create a better candidate experience for potential  employees. With Qualtrics Candidate Experience, organizations can improve the way they  attract, recruit, and hire by acting on feedback directly from the candidate at multiple touch  points throughout the process. 

A positive employee experience starts even before a person’s first day on the job—it begins  during the hiring process. The experience becomes even more important when considering  a majority of the workforce is now working remotely. Recent studies show that 49% of job  seekers say they’ve turned down an offer because of a bad experience during the  recruitment process. In contrast, candidates who’ve had a positive experience are 38%  more likely to accept job offers and more than twice as likely to become customers. 


Helping HR Leaders Close Candidate Experience Gaps in the Hiring Process 

Qualtrics’ Candidate Experience makes it easy for organizations to understand the  experience prospective employees are having with their company—from sourcing and  recruitment, to interviews, offers, and onboarding—and enables them to make changes in  real-time to improve the experience and ultimately attract the best candidates. Candidate  Experience automatically asks for feedback throughout the hiring process, enabling HR  leaders to truly understand sentiment and take immediate action to enhance the experience  for all candidates regardless of hiring outcome. 

Teams can combine experience data from Qualtrics—what candidates are telling them about the recruiting and hiring process—with operational data from their applicant tracking  systems—such as acceptance rates, dropout rates, or time to hire—to continually enhance their talent pipeline, recruitment efficiency, hiring quality and retention. A positive experience also ensures candidates remain advocates for their brand, regardless of whether or not they are hired. 

Quotes on the News

The hiring process is critical to attracting and hiring the most talented people,” said  Dominik Hahn, Global Head of Employer Branding, Strategic Recruiting & Onboarding,  Allianz. “With Qualtrics, our global businesses have a consistent way of collecting and  acting on candidate feedback, which we know is key to adjust both your processes and user  interfaces to our candidates’ needs.” 

“Too often companies miss out on great talent simply because they deliver a poor candidate experience. Getting the hiring process right—especially with a remote-heavy workforce— will be the biggest differentiator for companies looking to attract and hire top talent,” said  Jay Choi, Chief Product Officer, Qualtrics. “With Candidate Experience, businesses are able  to know which actions will fix and improve the experience they are delivered to candidates.” 

How Companies Improve the Candidate Experience 

The candidate journey can sometimes be complicated and costly for companies and  potential employees. With Qualtrics Candidate Experience, organizations can: 

Build more effective programs to increase candidate experience: Research backed and expert-built methodology provides organizations with the right questions  and program design to understand and improve the hiring experience by using the  voice of the candidate. The program measures six core themes: technology  effectiveness, clarity, timeliness, fairness, personalization, and attractiveness. 

Gain deeper insights in real-time: Multi-touch analysis offers the ability to drill  deeper into various moments throughout the hiring process, empowering recruiting  leaders to respond to poor candidate experience in real-time while also viewing and  acting on a broader stream of ongoing candidate data. 

Get candidate experience programs up and running quickly: Organizations can  dig into each component of the candidate experience program with preconfigured  analytics and dashboards. Guided workflows make it easy to get up and running  quickly, with easy configuration for unique recruiting processes. 

Qualtrics EmployeeXM 

Candidate Experience is built on Qualtrics EmployeeXM™, which is used by organizations across the world to re-design and continually improve the employee experience.  EmployeXM automatically identifies the actions HR leaders, and managers, as well as operations, communications, and technology leaders can take to drive strategic  transformation and improve the everyday experiences of employees. EmployeeXM was  named a leader in The Forrester New Wave™: EX Management Platforms for Large  Enterprises. 


Qualtrics help companies understand what candidates are thinking and feeling throughout the hiring process and take action based on that data. 

By improving the experience for job candidates—from recruitment, to application, interview,  and offer—companies will be able to more effectively bring in top talent 


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