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TADA launches business portal for flexible workplace transport solutions


Singapore, 31 March 2021

Southeast Asia’s first zero-commission ride-hailing operator

TADA has launched its new corporate portal, TADA Corporate, to address businesses’ changing transport needs. The portal encompasses a suite of tools for streamlining administrative processes, provides business leaders with more flexibility in managing transport expenses, and is available to companies of all sizes.

“With increasing workplace flexibility, offices and working hours are becoming more decentralized, and we saw a need for solutions to suit the unique needs of different organisations. For TADA Corporate, we wanted to provide highly customisable options for easy integration into business processes. This will be especially crucial as more workers return to offices, and companies transition into a fully hybrid working model,” says Jonathan Chua, Southeast Asia, General Manager, TADA.



From a single dashboard, corporate managers can allocate and modify budgets, as well as regulate employee access to company payment methods. Any changes made in the TADA Corporate portal will be reflected in real-time, which provides chief decision-makers with a comprehensive overview of their expenses and allows them to seamlessly implement company transport policies.


TADA Corporate offers two account setup options for increased efficiency at different levels of the organisation. The Employee Pay option automates claims for individual employees. By tagging their TADA rides under “Business Purpose”, records of employees’ rides will be updated in the organisation’s TADA Corporate portal, and their e-receipts are automatically sent to a designated company email. From there, individual claims can be processed for reimbursement.

With the Corporate Pay option, employees are given in-app access to their company’s corporate payment method. All business trip expenses are then consolidated and invoiced to the company at the end of the month. This option eliminates the time spent on processing individual claims and is available without any minimum spending requirements while offering the most competitively priced service fees across the regional ride-hailing market. Additionally, TADA’s zero-commission model provides price stability even during peak periods, which allows employers, HR, and finance managers to forecast monthly transport budgets with ease.

To date, TADA Corporate is providing transport solutions to 60 organisations located across Southeast Asia.

From now till 30 September 2021, TADA is waiving its Corporate Pay service fee, to support companies that are gradually shifting back to the workplace.

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About TADA

TADA is the world’s first blockchain-based zero-commission ride-hailing application. TADA is

powered by the Mass Vehicle Ledge (“MVL”) blockchain technology where key mobility data such as

transactions, movements, accidents, and maintenance of people and vehicles in many fields are

recorded and connected in a single MVL ecosystem. TADA is present in Singapore, Vietnam, and

Cambodia with an estimated 100,000 drivers and 890,000 users.