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CEO INTERVIEW: Glints - Empowering People and Organization


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OSWALD YEO -  CEO and Co-Founder

Please share with us briefly what you do. What were you doing before this?

Co-founder & CEO of Glints. I dropped out of college at UC Berkeley to focus on the startup and it is now venture-backed by top Venture and Angel Investors. I decided to start this company so solve a problem that I felt myself, which is the skills gap that young people in Southeast Asia face.


What I love most about being an entrepreneur is that it gives me a chance to make a huge impact on the world through the business, while accelerating my personal learnings at the same time.




What are the products and key benefits?

The engine of any economic growth is talent. Having observed first-hand how talent shortages hold back growth and innovation, we know for a fact that if we can cultivate a steady flow of top talent, we can significantly accelerate the economic transformation of the region.


Already, we have seen some fruits of our efforts bearing. Several months ago, one of our students at the Glints coding academy went from being a dishwasher to becoming a programmer at one of the portfolio startups of Google Ventures after completing the Bootcamp. Whereas he was previously excluded from the digital tides sweeping across the region due to his inability to afford a computer, his proudest possession now is a 15-inch Macbook provided by his company, allowing him to hop onto the economic bandwagon. It gives us immense fulfillment to be able to act as the connector between such raw talent and the needs of the growing companies in Southeast Asia.  


We believe our work in developing the careers of talent and building the teams within high-growth companies will lead to spillover effects such as more meaningful work lives, more innovative companies, and ultimately, more progressive societies.




Key Benefits

Unlike traditional recruitment companies, Glints differentiates itself through its artificial intelligence technology that recommends potential quality candidates to realise efficiencies. Glints’ unique selling proposition is that it helps employers find matches and placements in a better, faster and lower-cost way using proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, where match rates are 100% higher, 50% faster (28 days), and 50% cheaper (with a 15% match fee) than traditional recruitment firms.


Efficiencies realized are seen in metrics:

● Trained recruiter yield is 30% higher than the industry standard in 2019

● Median days to third candidate recommendation has a 100% improvement in 2019


How much funding did you raise so far?

We just raised US$6.8 million in Series B led by Monk's Hill Ventures in 2019.


So far, we have raised a total of $9.975M USD (Seed $0.475M; Series A $2.7M; Series B $6.8M) through various methods.


More About Glints

Founders: Oswald Yeo, Looi Qin En and Seah Ying Cong
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