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The Digital Aspect to Working from Home





  Howie Bick


In the times we’re in, working from home is a phenomenon that’s spread throughout the world, within many industries, various businesses, and a variety of companies. The move to working from home has changed a lot of the way business is conducted and orchestrated to digital mediums or exchanges. 


One of the driving forces that have allowed companies and businesses to continue working from home has been the digital systems and platforms companies have in place or have integrated. 


Whether it’s the shared servers a company has, the company laptops employees receive, or the software their employees utilize to conduct their business, the digital products and services a company has, has enabled employees to continue working, and continue operating in some capacity.



One of the things that have changed as people have switched to working from home environment is the way people communicate. When it comes to the in-person conversation, the one-off question, or the water cooler conversation, having a conversation in-person is much different than it is through a digital platform or medium. In regards to a business or office setting, there are occasional check-ins, or sit-downs to ask people questions, discuss company strategy, or to have personal conversations that are much different when it comes to a digital exchange. 


Many of these in-person communications have been changed or affected by working from home environment. It’s much different to ask questions or converse through a messaging platform or through an e-mail than it has to have an in-person conversation. There’s a lot more formality associated with an e-mail or an instant message. The personal touch or feel that comes with being in-person, asking questions or having small talk, and discussing events are impacted when it’s through a digital medium.



The way businesses and companies have operated in the world today, has enabled their employees and their businesses to continue their operations during the working from a home phenomenon we’re in. As much of the business world has shifted to the computer, and through digital mediums, employees and workers have been able to continue working from home as long as they’ve had a computer.


The companies and businesses that have invested the resources into having digital systems or integrations through digital or online platforms have been able to adjust to the times were in quickly. Having the systems and software’s in place that the company needs to operate has enabled employees to work, communicate, and orchestrate the many businesses functions they might do inside the office, from their own homes.


The accessibility that comes with having online software or applications and hardware is truly incredible. Depending on the business your company is in, the types of projects or tasks you might have to complete, or the objectives you’re looking to achieve, a lot can be completed through the computer. The computer has allowed people to work from anywhere in the world, whether it be the company office, the person's home, or any other location. The type of access and ability companies have through having digital software, platforms, and applications have been a major element and factor in having employees continue working and operating during this time.



Something that’s important to consider when shifting to working from home environment, are the interactions between businesses, and within companies. The people within companies are frequently looking for new ways to generate more business, grow their networks, and find new leads. For many industries, this comes in the form of networking events, conferences, or large events. With the way the world has shifted, a lot of these have been canceled or moved online into virtual settings. The virtual settings, where people can get together via video conference to discuss or gather has been important for many businesses. The way businesses have had to conduct their meetings, or the events have been through video conferences or through the phones. 


The virtual meetings have become the place where companies come together to speak, or teams gather to discuss the news or events taking place. It’s a much different setting and the environment from being in a conference room or around a table, but its part of the way business has changed in the working from home environment.



One of the elements to creating meetings, scheduling calls, and discussing important matters is finding the time to do so. With different companies, parties, and people needed at different times and places, it’s often one of the challenges and barriers to gathering everyone involved at one time. With the world in working from home environment, there have been a lot fewer events going on, traveling happening, and conferences taking place. 


With that, comes more availability and openings in people's schedules. With people at home, not commuting or traveling much, people’s schedules have probably opened up a bit, calendars have probably become less crowded, making it easier to find time to arrange or coordinate meetings, calls, or discussions with multiple parties.



As the world has shifted to working from the home environment, the digital aspect and element behind the business have become more and more important. The way people communicate, the way teams organize, and the way people gather are all influenced or impacted through digital mediums. The digital software, applications, and hardware that enable people and employees to conduct their business and operations has allowed companies to continue operating during this time. It’s become incredibly important to have the necessary systems in place and have the digital platforms that allow your employees to work and produce. People's interactions within companies, and between companies have also been impacted. Meetings, events, and conferences have moved to digital interfaces and virtual settings. The in-person element or conversations have been switched to messaging applications, and video chats or conferences. Finding the necessary time or a time that’s available for the parties involved has most likely become easier. As there are fewer people commuting, spending time traveling, and going from one place to another, schedules have probably opened up, and calendars have probably cleared up a bit.


The digital dynamic and interfaces that businesses utilize have become an important part of working from the home phenomenon. With employees working from home environment, companies have had to adjust and adapt to the environment everyone’s in. It’ll be interesting to see how corporate finances are affected by this change. It’s an important time for the digital aspects behind companies’ businesses, as their importance has increased over this time. We hope you enjoyed our article and were able to learn a bit about the digital aspect behind the switch to working from home.



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