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8th Annual Global HR Excellence


Human Capital Investment: A Long Term Commitment 

What are the unprecedented challenges faced by the HR department during change management? Why does employee morale matter especially during a crisis? What does disruption innovation mean to an organisation as a whole? And the questions go on and on, as HR roles are not limited to hiring and firing employees anymore.

Join the upcoming 8th Annual Global HR Excellence as we unite leading senior HR practitioners from renowned organizations like Google, Coca Cola, Shell, Bloomberg, Grab, Air Asia, Telstra, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung, Nestle, HSBC to discuss the latest tools and key drivers shaping corporate priorities and HR strategies in organizations by exploring the driving need for change.


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Special Highlights:


  • HR DIALOGUE- Implementing HR analytics for improved decision making in the workplace
  • MINI-CRISIS SIMULATION EXERCISE- Internal communications and employee engagement: Focusing on Morale in a Crisis
  • SOCIAL PANEL: RE-WRITING THE RULES- Anti-harassment movements and changing social stigmas

CHATROOMBreaking Barriers: Unconscious bias in the workplace



For more information on how you can participate, please contact:

Shahlini Muniandy

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