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Fulfilling Tech Demand :Top Coding Bootcamp sees first batch of graduates


SINGAPORE, September 18 — Last Friday, nine students marked the end of their 9-week FullStack coding Bootcamp by presenting applications that they created from scratch. The program saw a range of students from ages 21to 58, with diverse backgrounds such as accountancy, engineering, and marketing.

Their final projects included construction project management, deal sharing, and social networking apps.

The Panelist which featured the CEO of Singaporean based company, Salary Board and various Le Wagon Bootcamp graduates from around the world discussed the growing tech industry in Singapore and highlighted numbers such as the US $1.5 billion invested in Singapore and 332 tech deals in Southeast Asia in H1 2019.

Madu Ionascu, [Salary Board] whose company provides these numbers in real-time, said that despite the increase in demand for developer roles, a large number of roles are unfulfilled because there are simply not enough developers. “It’s crazy [that in Singapore], only two people qualify for one developer job,” said Dirk Schuler, panel host, and Le Wagon Singapore CEO. Whereas in Jakarta, there are 21 matching profiles per developer job post.

The Bootcamp students impressed both panelists and panel attendees with their work, some of whom commented on the high level of functionality of the apps given the small time frame, and the work ethic of this inaugural batch. Building products that they believe in is something that Le Wagon emphasizes on and is part of their teaching philosophy, and it is very likely that some of these projects will continue to be worked on even now that the Bootcamp has ended.

“It's not often you get to have great organizers, great instructors, great peers come together to deliver such a rewarding learning experience,” said recent Bootcamp graduate and product manager Kaiying Fu,

You guys set the bar for what a Bootcamp can be. The passion and love for code and love for teaching comes through with each instructor and the solid curriculum.”

Le Wagon is a coding Bootcamp that teaches students to develop web applications from scratch.

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