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How to Optimize Your ATS with Chatbots?


by: Lovepreet Dhaliwal

Which software do you use for recruitment?

An ATS? Applicant tracking systems are the preferred choice for employers and hiring managers while recruiting candidates. They are useful as they handle a plethora of resumes and set an effective workflow. But have you ever noticed if your ATS is offering an excellent candidate experience?

33% of job seekers want an automated email sent to them after applying.

If your ATS provides little communication, it will leave the candidates frustrated. This drawback is called ‘an ATS black hole.’

Why Does an ATS Fail to Deliver Candidate Experience?

An ATS stores resume of candidates when they apply for a job. While filling up a job application, candidates feel frustrated when a lengthy job application welcomes them. This adds to their negative candidate experience.

Using a resume parser is a great way to face this challenge. Most companies go for this option as the parser supports a one-click process by allowing the candidates to simply upload their resume. This submits their job application. The parser fills the data fields automatically.

This is a step towards enhancing the candidate experience, but an ATS fails again in doing the same when it comes to communicating with the candidates.

Answering candidates’ queries creates pressure on the hiring managers, and they are unable to address them. Thus, candidate communication and engagement suffer.

How Can You Fill This Black Hole?

Imagine what will happen if your existing process adopts a Conversational Intelligence for better communication and engagement with candidates!

Sounds interesting?

I am talking about Chatbots.

A recruitment chatbot understands candidates’ messages by using NLP and knows what to respond.

Chatbots have the power to take the candidate experience to the next level.

According to Ideal, 55% of talent acquisition professionals feel that the top benefit of using a chatbot is getting an instant response to inquiries.

  • * They can engage candidates at every step.
  • * They respond instantly to candidates’ queries.
  • * They interact with candidates and shortlist the best one.

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Examples of Popular Chatbots


Mya is a leading conversational hiring platform. It takes away your stress by engaging both active and passive candidates with wonderful conversational experiences. Try Mya and watch how beautifully it gathers detailed candidate insights and builds confidence among the users. is an AI chatbot software which conducts competency-based interviews using various techniques such as situational judgment questions. The AI-powered conversational bots shortlist candidates by engaging them and taking their interview. This software is perfect for automating your recruitment process and finding the right talent without bias.

Phenom Bot

Phenom People has recently launched a Phenom Bot which helps recruiters find the best fit by automating the screening and interview scheduling process. When candidates visit a website, Phenom Bot engages them in a conversation, delivering a personalized experience.


TextRecruit has a customizable recruiting chatbot, Ari. It engages candidates in a two-way conversation and allows you to spend time on qualified candidates. It is a perfect recruiting assistant for you!

VCV recruiting bots shortlist candidates by using voice recognition. The unique feature about VCV is that it provides a video interview of the selected candidates to the recruiters.

Are you interested in enhancing your candidate experience? It’s time to adopt the best tools available in the market.


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