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Dina Bayasanova Founder of Pitch Me


Despite the era that we are in, recruitment is still very much dependant on the same piece of evidence that was presented 50 years ago - the resume.


Even though we have moved on to accept the digital version of it, the limitation of a resume is still evident to all.


End of the day, what companies want to hire are problem solvers. And that is best determined by the skills of the candidates, not anything else.


That is what PitchMe is aiming to fix. We speak with Founder Dina Bayasanova to learn more:


1.       Please share with us briefly what you do.


At PitchMe we address two main pain-points of the workforce market:


  1. Businesses need to solve their problems right here, right now. Business owners need to have a staffing solution that will enable them to recruit a specialist with relevant skills more efficiently.
  2. Secondly, what should matter are the skills, not the way candidate attained them. Driven by a surge of on-demand labour and online recruitment management solutions, we replace legacy models and hierarchies with a skillsourcing platform.


The platform introduces a concept of skillsourcing, managing and mobilising human resources based on the comprehensive analysis of human skills.


We utilise modern technology such as AI and machine learning offering flexible and adaptive recruitment solutions for candidates, employers and recruiters.


Our SmartMe profile replacing traditional resume enables us to present a diversity of candidate’s skills.


Our process opens a new horizon for employers who find candidates with backgrounds they never imagined being relevant for their position.


At the same time, we introduce candidates to a new opportunities for career development.


2. What were you doing before this?


Previously I was carrying a career of the Investment Project manager at multinational companies.


Managed variety of projects within different sectors, ranging from energy and commodities to real estate and technology in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Russia.


In June 2013 I joined Energy Institute as a member of a Young Professional Network Committee in London and held a position of the Vice-Chair.


3. In one sentence, how would you describe what your product does?


It allows candidates to get most out of their professional potential and helps employers to maximise human capital.


4. How did the idea for your business come about?


Having been involved in the Young Professional Network Committee, we saw how young professionals struggled to find a job, while big companies found it extremely challenging to find good candidates even with the help of recruiters.


We decided to identify the causes of such paradox by doing market research and studied all parties involved in the recruitment process. After the data analysis was completed, we realised a need for a new solution that will fill in identified gaps.


The solution, which we introduced, relied on the nuanced understanding of the modern recruitment problems identified from the dialogue with real recruiters. We saw a need for modern technologies to be integrated into HR sector to meet the dynamic nature of the workforce market.


5. How does it work?


We are mapping skills of a candidate generating “SmartMe profile” forms. This profile is build using information from a variety of sources to present a most accurate picture of hard and soft skills of the candidate, as well as his psychological profile.

Using our proprietary algorithms, we match data from the SmartMe profiles with the needs of the employer. Shortlisted candidates validate their skills by passing the task designed for each position as a next stage of the assessment. The whole process is anonymous to avoid bias and support diversity of candidates.


Our technology is also applicable for recruiters who get an opportunity to utilise their database more efficient. Any database can be updated and transformed into SmartMe profiles, expanding the capacity of the talent pool.


6. What are the key benefits that your product brings?


We are maximising human potential through a comprehensive analysis of the skills and capabilities beyond formal experience.


That includes not only hard but also soft skills. In that sense, we create a win-win-win situation for all participants of the process.


Candidates can get better jobs and expand the range of their search, while the structure of SmartMe Profile and matching should make easier career shifts, as well as finding first jobs for graduates and young professionals. Employers find better candidates that match their business needs.


And recruiters can better utilise their databases by updating profiles of their candidates and match them more efficient.


7. Who are your closest competitors?


HR-tech is a very active field at the moment with a diversity of projects trying to solve different HR problems.


That said, we have some conceptual and practical advantages. We collaborate with academic and research institutions to build on most advanced research.


Skill sourcing is building on analysis of different skill maps. That way we are not only able to find the best candidate, but also identify the potential of the candidate to develop new skills, as well as what kind of skills are missing to make a candidate most competitive.


8. Who is your first customer and how did that happen?


Our first client was a start-up looking to staff a position of a Solution engineer. It was a fast-growing start-up, whom we were referred by a mutual friend.


9. What were they using before this, and why did they switch?


They were looking for a candidate through recruiters for a while, spent thousands £, but nothing happened for three months.


They loved our approach, especially SmartMe profiles and anonymity.


They reported that not knowing any personal details of a candidate and having a comprehensive profile together with test results enabled them to focus on the core – skills and competences.


10. How do you price your product?


We charge employers fixed fee upon posting a position on our platform.


11. What’s your business focus for this year?


This year we have big plans. We are launching a marketing campaign and doing fundraising. Also, we always keep working on improving algorithms and data collection.


12. What is your favourite failure (and what did you learn from it)?


When we just launched start-up we were a group of friends, who had a passion to try something new.


When project required more work and dedication, few people decided to leave.


But our CTO gave a big promise to deliver MVP. Our hopes were ruined when a few months later we saw nothing.


Time was wasted, money were wasted.


What did we do? We utilised a power of our network to find someone who will replace him and his team of developers.


Two days later we were already working with a fantastic team from a creative lab.


What did we learn?


You can only examine a partnership through hard work and long-term relationships. Friendship and partnership should be distinguished.


13. What’s one productivity hack you would recommend to everyone?


I have my trick to time management. I am not writing to-do lists. I memorise everything.


What I remember straight away –are tasks which have the most priority.


Once they are done – secondary tasks come to my mind. It does not mean that you should not write down anything, no. For me, this is just the way to set priorities.


14. Where can people find out more about your product offerings and you online?


We have a website We are also active social media users, where people can read the latest news and learn more. Follow us @hrofthefuture


More about Dina:

  • Born - July
  • Marital status – Married to PitchMe
  • School – St Andrews, Scotland
  • First job – sold cookies to my classmates
  • Favourite book – Sapiens, Harari
  • Favourite Film - Intouchables
  • Favourite Music – Kansas Smitty's
  • Favourite Gadget – Electric toothbrush
  • Last holiday – Beyond the Arctic Circle