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Djoann Fal CEO/Founder of GetLinks



In modern era, it is almost impossible to find any businesses that isn’t hiring one of the three D (developer, digital marketeer, designer).


And with so many companies jostling for such talents, you can imagine the frustration from the employers and the jobseekers.


That frustration gave birth to GetLinks and the attempt to fill that gap well.


We speak with Founder & CEO Djoann Fal to learn more:


1. Please share with us briefly what you do.

I am CEO and Co-Founder at GetLinks, Asia’s leading tech talent network. Everyday, we are redefining the future of work!

2. What were you doing before this?

I moved to Asia, to intern for Ernst & Young in Shanghai, then in Lazada in Regional Marketing team in Bangkok. As a foreigner passionate about tech and startups, I was looking to connect with like minded locals. After failing to find them through existing networking events, I decided to create one specifically for this this purpose; the birth of the GetLinks community.


3. In one sentence, how would you describe what your product does?


GetLinks is a tech talent matching platform connecting exceptional talent to Asia’s most innovative companies.


4. How did the idea for your business come about?


As a millennial tech talent, I experienced first hand how flawed the traditional education and recruitment system was. It is estimated that 65% of children entering primary school today, will ultimately end up working in a job that doesn’t even exist yet. Yet every year, more and more graduates fail to find jobs. This paradox made me realise this enormous digital talent gap in the market. Coupled with our rapidly developing technology, I founded GetLinks not only to disrupt the traditional recruitment industry, but also redefine the nature of work to be more transformative than just a salary.


5. How does it work?


It’s super simple. If you are, or want to become a tech talent (one of the 3D’s -- Developer, Digital Marketer & Designer), just create a profile on GetLinks, free-of-charge and we’ll match you to the most relevant positions. From there, Companies will reach out to you to request interviews, chat and send job offers in real-time.


6. What are the key benefits that your product brings?


All tech talents on GetLinks are active, qualified and curated, as are the Companies we work with. We operate in a localised level, with strong focus on talents.



This means we speak your language, from Vietnamese to NodeJS, we’ve got you covered.


7. Who are your closest competitors?


We don’t have any competitors helping talents with Career Design and Upskilling in Asia.


There are either Talents Marketplaces like 100Offer in Asia or Upskilling platforms like TheMuse in the US


8. Who is your first customer and how did that happen?


The first candidate we have helped to get a job was the engineer we invited to come to our networking event and got a job through networking with a friend. We then realised we were not just a networking community but a potential new recruitment platform for on demand tech talents.

Our first company client gave us 50$ and he was a CTO who wanted to access to the profiles attending the networking events of our community through our mobile app database. Funnily enough, it was through our platform he met his girlfriend!


9. How do you price your product?


GetLinks is completely free-of-charge for candidates. For companies, GetLinks has two pricing models; subscriptions bulk hiring and  pay-per-hire.

Pay-per-hire is priced lower than any recruiting platform at 15% months of candidates’ offered salary, recommended for niche technical skills / very senior hires.


10. What’s your business focus for this year?


We want to double down and expand our reach  in the countries we currently operate in as well as open 2 new markets to support North Asia companies to expand in South East Asia. GetLinks is across major tech hubs like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangalore and more to come; which all share the common theme of a lack of tech talents. With our new GetLinks Marketplace, and a growing number of companies we work with, and also looking at markets like Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia. We expect 2018 to be an amazing year for us! We also have some very big announcements coming up next month!


11. What is your favourite failure (and what did you learn from it)?


When I first started GetLinks, I hit a 6 month delay with investors, and ended up broke with USD50 left in my bank account. On top of that, I was behind on rent. I ended up doing a crowdfunding campaign for my birthday, which ended 14 days later when an angel investor emerged. It was then I realised not to just leave things to fate, and that taking ownership, can really change things around.


12. Where can people find out more about your product offerings and you online?


You can always check out our website, the GetLinks blog, and my own personal blog for musings. Feel free to connect to me via Linkedin!


More about Djoann:


  • Born: 16/02/1992
  • Marital status: In a relationship
  • School: ESCP Europe
  • First job: Intern AI Foodtech Ecommerce startup (Chef Jerome)
  • Favorite book: Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil
  • Favorite Film: Star Wars 5,6, 1,2,3
  • Favorite Music: Foals, Deftones, Alt J, Primus, & other Jazz
  • Favorite Gadget: Sound modulator, 3D Printer, Airpods
  • Last holiday: August