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CEO Interviews - Exclusive for HR Digital Today with market leading HR Tech pioneers - Talkpush
Max Armbruster CEO of Talkpush


According to research from recruitment consultancy Robert Half, employers are potentially alienating job candidates with their slow feedback and poor communication during the hiring process, new research from shows.


Nearly half of the 500 job seekers polled cited slow feedback on where they stand in the recruitment process as the top frustration when applying for jobs, followed by poor communication about the steps that form part of the process.


Delayed decision making by the prospective employer ranked similarly high on the list.


Talkpush is aiming to solve all three problems. We speak with Max Armbruster from Talkpush to find out more:

1. Please share with us briefly what you do.


I'm the CEO of Talkpush, a company which I founded in 2014 to disrupt the recruitment industry.


Founded in 2014, Talkpush is a venture-backed company based in San Francisco, with clients and representation all over the world.


We love localizing our solutions to deliver the best candidate experience in each market.


2. What were you doing before this?


Talkpush is the 4th company I have started, the previous three were started in Singapore and exited via trade sales.


I have also worked for SAP, AT Kearney, Altran and CNET Network in past lives


3. In one sentence, how would you describe what your product does?


Talkpush is the leading messaging recruitment software.


4. How did the idea for your business come about?


I had previously co-founded (and sold) an e-recruitment software company, and knew that the largest employers in Asia were struggling with how to process high volume of recruitment while delivering a good candidate experience.


Specifically, I noticed that in Indonesia, even the biggest employer brands (e.g. banks, retailers) were slow to digitize their recruitment activity, and recognized that it was because the solutions built in the US did not match their requirement for an easy, mobile-first candidate experience.


It was apparent that new technology solutions had to be brought to the fore.


5. How does it work?


Talkpush is used to source and screen candidates and to build talent communities via social media and messaging.




Our chatbots, which operate on career sites, Facebook pages and over SMS, conduct more digital interviews than any other in the world, and fast-tracks the best candidates through the recruitment process. 


6. What are the key benefits that your product brings?


Favoring rich conversations over standard job applications increases the odds of finding top talent, it reduces the duration of the recruitment cycle and it makes recruitment more fun for recruiters.


No more chasing disengaged candidates , no more lengthy interviews with unqualified candidates, the conversation gets both sides the information they need so everyone can make better decisions.


7. Who are your closest competitors?


Our biggest competitor is the status quo.... Employers have installed Applicant Tracking Systems, which they have a hard time saying goodbye to.


8. Who is your first customer and how did that happen?


Our first customer was a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company in the Philippines, which was looking for a way to reduce the processing/waiting time for its candidates. 


9. What were they using before this?




10. How do you price your product?


Price is determined by the projected volume of recruitment traffic.


 11. What’s your business focus for this year?


More geographical expansion... In 2017, Talkpush was rolled out to customer in 12 countries... and we are just getting started.


Our offices in India and Costa Rica are in rapid expansion and we are looking to establish a physical presence in Mexico and Brazil in the coming months.


12. What is your favourite failure (and what did you learn from it)?


Last week I dropped everything I was doing to go to Disneyland for a day. Does that count?


13. What’s one productivity hack you would recommend to everyone?


Start working when it's still dark outside.


14. Where can people find out more about your product offerings and you online? 


More about Max

Born: France

Marital status: Married

School: Grenoble Business School

First job: Waiter (in an Italian restaurant)

Favorite book: Brave New World

Favorite Film: Everyone Says I Love You

Favorite Music: Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Gadget: Headset with a mic, just like a call center operator

Last holiday: Cape Town over Christmas.... Ice cold ocean and bright summer light