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New Success Stories - Asia
CEO Interviews - Exclusive for HR Digital Today with market leading HR Tech pioneers - Swipetask
Wilddan Rosén, Founder/CEO of SWIPETASK


Managing a massive decentralised and increasingly contingent workforce efficiently, can be an extremely challenging task.

Especially for businesses that carry multiple locations that are all across the countries.

Last minute absenteeism, new promotions, seasonal factors would further complicate matters.

Without a good workforce management solution, every day you would be fighting fire.


Swipetask ensures that fire never get started.


1. Please share with us briefly what you do.
Swipetask has its roots in Stockholm, Sweden and Singapore. We live by our credo ‘Clarity leads to power‛. Our goal is to offer an industry-leading mobile workforce-management solution. We focus on empowering the individual work-crew to do a better & more productive job, through simple and actionable "clarity".


By focusing on the work-crew, we are ensuring that the Enterprise is rewarded with a better bottom-line. Swipetask is built on our own multi-industry and real-life experiences over many years, and not hypotheses. Swipetask offers various service-operators real-time information, clear and fast communications, quick responses, mobile micro-learning, quality monitoring, intelligent notifications and motivated crew.

2. What were you doing before this?


Prior to founding Swipetask I have 25+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate-management experience, predominantly in Asia.

My career has seen me applying my business-growth and management skills to several industries incl. consumer durables, beverage- & medical equipment industry. In my last assignment outside of Singapore I was Partner and COO in a successful outsourced-service company in Manila. About 10 years ago we moved back to Singapore and I worked as an independent investment & business-development Advisor, before eventually founding Swipetask.


The various roles have accumulated an extensive experience in 'managing by numbers', the importance of organisational skills-development, working with large workforces and of various cultures. It also allowed me to develop a rather deep domain-knowledge of the work-force management & productivity challenges our clients are facing, and how to solve their problems.

3. In one sentence, how would you describe what your product does?

Swipetask is a ‘last-mile’ workforce-management solution.

4. How did the idea for your business come about?

The idea was born out of my own needs as a business-owner/manager to find a way to on-board staff quickly, drive productivity and increase clarity both for staff as well as management.

5. How does it work?

Swipetask is a mobile App. Through the App, work-crew log-in/start their shift. Assigned Tasks & KPIs are provided as well as the task might integrate some training-content. Tasks are performed and notifications are made through the App.


Staff may then be reviewed and rewarded through the App and finally both Crew and Management can review the performance and more.

6. What are the key benefits that your product brings?


·         Increased Efficiency & Productivity

·         Acquisition of actionable Business-intelligence

·         Mobile and continuous skills-development

·         Reduced miscommunication

·         Rapid onboarding of new staff, ‘gig-crew’ & sub-contractors

·         Motivated staff – with clarity, empowerment and reward

·         Improved Quality of work


7. Who are your closest competitors?

Swipetask is to a large extent ‘creating a new market’ of workforce automation and direct competition is thus limited. However we see companies like ‘HotSOS’ by Amadeus in the hospitality space and in the cleaning-services sector we compete with custom-built enterprise IT solutions. In facility-management the closest would actually be companies like Oracle and SAP.


8. Who is your first customer and how did that happen?

Our first User-site is/was Raffles hotel and that happened through that our prospect just secured a contract to provide cleaning and some housekeeping  to the hotel.

9. What were they using before this, and why did they switch?

Totally a manual system of ‘paper-based instructions’ and daily task-schedules.

10. How do you price your product?

As a company, all we do is based on ‘value-add’ for our clients. We charge a ‘monthly unique User-fee’ which is only a fraction of the expected savings and gains of using the system.


As typical in the SaaS industry, we offer discounts based on volume of users. Depending on client-requirements, there could be configuration and set-up fees as well.

What is unique in Singapore-context is that through Swipetask closely collaborating with some Government agencies such as NEA, schemes like WorkPro and CDG can help clients offset up to 70% of any such costs to get started.

11. What’s your business focus for this year?

The company only went ‘live’ in July this year so it’s been an intensive past 6 months as we went from ‘no clients’ to our first 5 and all with their own sets of requirements.

The year 2017 was all about validating that we have a strong value-proposition and a ‘stable and functioning system’ and I’m proud to say all those objectives were achieved.

For 2018 our fo cus is on continuing evolving our solution to further secure ‘our product-lead’, grow market-share in singapore and establish ourselves in at least 1-2 new markets outside of singapore.

12. What’s one productivity tip/app/tool you can't live without?

A mentally healthy and focused mind.

There are of course endless technologies we need to use on a daily basis to help us ‘be productive’, but at the end of the day, if your mind is not laser-focused, calm and composed, you would still struggle to benefit from the technologies and ‘perform’.

13. Where can people find out more about your product offerings and you online?

More about Wilddan

  • Born: 1964 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Marital status: Happily married for the past 15 years on the 9th of December!
  • School: Didn’t got to University so finished my college-degree at a local school in Stockholm.
  • First job: As a research analyst with Swedish Match at their HQ in Switzerland when I was 19 years old.
  • Favorite book: ‘Rich Dad poor Dad’ by Robert Kyosaki
  • Favorite Film: My all-time classic is ‘Gandhi’
  • Favorite Music: House
  • Favorite Gadget: My tandem bike
  • Last holiday: To Stockholm, Sweden my family-home.