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SukhVeer Bajaj, CEO, QuickHR



Sukhveer Bajaj, CEO of QuickHR (A product of Enable Business Pte Ltd)


SMEs have it toughest when it comes to workplace automation.


Even though each of them have unique workflows, you can barely find one company that provides much flexibility in accommodating these differentiation.


The Success Factors of the world won’t get out of bed for anything lesser than 500 headcounts.


And that provide a good opportunity for QuickHR to do something about it.


We speak with CEO Sukhveer Bajaj to learnmore...


1. Please share with us briefly what you do.


I’m the founder of QuickHR, a holistic cloud-based HR solution here to simplify the HR workflow and help businesses work efficiently.


Here as a disruptive HR solution, QuickHR presents users an extremely user-friendly interface that can handle their HR workflow with just a few mouse clicks.


2. What were you doing before this?


I was a business consultant.


3. In one sentence, how would you describe what your product does?


I’d say QuickHR is disruptive and it is here to transform the industry.


4. How did the idea for your business come about?


When I was a business consultant, I came across many clients who faced all sorts of problems with their software.


There were many gaps that needed to be filled and I wanted to develop something that can fulfil that.


Past solutions were rigid and non-functional; if it’s A, it’s A. But in the business world, we have to be flexible; things can’t remain A all the time.


Every company (especially SMEs) run their businesses differently with unique policies and culture. It is a fact and I can’t imagine myself having to force a client to ‘make do’ with what they have.


That’s when I decided that if QuickHR were to enter the market, it has to be a problem solver.


Instead of having clients conform to our system, I want it to integrate into their workspace seamlessly and fulfil their needs.


This is how holistic QuickHR is- besides the core functions, you can customize conditions the way you want it to fit your needs.


5. How does it work?


QuickHR is a cloud-based HR system that can handle company’s employee database, process leaves, claims, pay roll and generate reports.


It is available for use on all operating systems such as Windows or Mac and on mobile apps for Android and iOS.


6. What are the key benefits that your product brings?


Cost reduction, efficiency and security. As I mentioned earlier, QuickHR is hosted on cloud which means that data and information is stored over the internet.


Traditional software require businesses to purchase physical infrastructure commonly known as server or hardware to stare data.


For example, if I buy one terabyte worth of storage to store my employees’ data and it’s used up tomorrow, I will have to purchase more to continue my operations and then spend time migrating my data over to the new storage space.


Such infrastructure is rigid, expensive and security can be a concern.


Through cloud, businesses can just pay for the space they need. If they were to scale up or down tomorrow, they can do so instantly.


There’s no need to buy a new server, migrate the data to a larger one and put it in a storage space in the office. With a few clicks, their infrastructure can be upgraded easily. That’s how flexible it is.


Moreover, when you are on a non-cloud platform, the system tends to be slower.


Human Resource deals with so much personal data it can feel daunting.


With the PDPC act in place, companies might be more wary about data breach. However with QuickHR, we are proud to say that our system uses secure sockets layer (SSL).


In layman’s terms it means that our system employs three levels of encryption that is of the highest levels.


7. Who are your closest competitors?


To date, no other company offers what QuickHR does. There are established HR solutions such as Infotech and Justlogin who just jumped on the cloud bandwagon.


However, they do not offer the same holistic functions and security as QuickHR.


8. Who is your first customer and how did that happen?


Our QuickHR team is located in the East in Paya Lebar so it was a surprise when a manufacturing company located in Tuas approached us.


They had about 50 staff at that time and reached out to us after seeing our bus-stop advertisement. We went all the way to the other end of Singapore to present our solution and sealed the deal on the spot.


It was a very memorable experience because it was actually our first time venturing into Tuas.


If you have been there or if you are located there, you should know that transportation can be a headache. So I really salute those who have to travel there for work on a daily basis!


9. What were they using before this, and why did they switch?


Most of our clients including them had their HR department stuck in the 19th century.


They stored data in Excel sheets and had to painfully flip through files after files to compile reports. Manufacturing and construction are labour-intensive industries.


What our first customer went through in particular is that their system was so traditional they had to print out different information then manually transfer them onto Excel sheets so as to calculate their employees’ overtime pay.


What was even more surprising is the fact that most of them work overtime on a daily basis. This means that this arduous process went on every day.


Moreover, they have employees in different sites so timesheets were required. Extra manpower is needed to process these data onto excel sheets which led to increased costs.


We did the math for them by calculating the total amount of time their employees spent on administrative work such as manually collating and entering data, tracking their project status, handling invoices and submitting expenses.


It was obvious- lead time was long due to the layers it had to go through; often with several staffs handling it. With QuickHR, they are able to automate tasks faster and more efficiently.


10. How do you price your product?


We have two plans at the moment- basic and essential. Each of them ensures that our clients get the most out of our service according to their needs through the lowest costs possible at SGD5 per employee for basic plan and SGD10 per employee for essential plan with no additional charges.


For companies with a larger head count, packages will be customized and priced accordingly to fit their needs and once again, ensure that they are paying for what they deserve.


11. What’s your business focus for this year?


It is to grow with our clients in Singapore before we expand internationally and bring this holistic solution to more who needs it.


12. What’s one productivity tip/app/tool you can't live without?


To be honest? WhatsApp. Here in Singapore where I am, almost everyone with a smart device is on WhatsApp. I can talk to my dear employees, my family, my clients, ex-school mates- probably anyone else you can think of.


Distance is not a problem as long as you stay connected with WhatsApp. Text messages, images, videos, gifs, sharing of location, audio messages can now be sent from one person to another almost immediately. We can also do so through groups so many people get the same message at once.


13. Where can people find out more about your product offerings and you online?


We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Of course, you can find our website here


Interesting facts about Sukhveer Bajaj:


  • Born: Singapore
  • Marital status: Happily married with two kids
  • School: Cass Business School
  • First job:  Investment Banking
  • Favorite Film: Braveheart!
  • Favorite Gadget: Raspberry Pi! People don’t know enough about this guy.
  • Last holiday: Chiang Mai, Thailand.