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Vodafone use AI for recruiting


Vodafone use AI for recruiting


We are seeing innovation in recruitment now with Video Interviews and AI.  In one of our CEO Interviews we explore the video interview innovation. Now in the US, a firm has not only rolled out Video Interviews but also the ability via Artificial Intelligence to offer automated results to select the best candidates. This is via the algorithms selected and any added criteria of the hiring company.


However, the key point is that only candidates that get through this level arrive with an invitation for interview at one of the employer's locations. The company involved, Vodafone, recently went public on their use of AI.


Followers of AI developments will know that the technology can adapt and adopt. So in this case the screening could get even sharper, potentially, as it is learning if the programming team have validated this parameter. 


AI is indeed spreading into many sectors. Another example being "Virtual Assistants" for call centres. One main AI supplier groups its offerings under two banners, one being "Analytics". So this could, for example, offer scanning of big data, Excel files or other volumes. Their other product range comes under the broadening range of IoT. Here, amongst other functions, AI can scan and analyse and learn from communications in the form of email, voicemail and recorded telephone calls.


You may find the CEO Interview on video interviewing of interest as it shows how candidates, who may have missed the cut via a conventional CV route are selected for interview and turn out to be star performers. But the decision process is human - the hiring manager looks at the application  dashboard to see the candidate pool on videos. The development at Vodafone has gone one step further. A significant decision.


Vodafone claim to be very excited with their results. They, with the Video supplier HireView, have embedded "psychometric assessments into the video interview platform for a unified, world class candidate experience". They claim that "drop out" rates have reduced by 30% and candidates love the simple and engaging tool, reducing the stress of the “old school” on line assessments".

Again this touches on another of our CIO Interviews. We reported on research that revealed a significant result.  A disappointed interviewee "spreads the word" and this action multiplied across many candidates can damage the bottom line as they cancel or never become a customer.