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By Vinay Johar, CEO - Rchilli Inc. I find it amazing how HR technology is making advancements to provide remarkable improvement in the recruitment process. AI, machine learning,...

by Kai Hammond


Avinash: How would you compare the sort of HR tech coming out of the India market compared to Silicon Valley and other global tech hubs? Are you seeing mirror copies or anything...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories - Asia PATRICK GENTRY, CEO and Co-Founder - Sprout Solutions Please share with us briefly what you do. I’m the Chief Executive Officer for Sprout Solutions, ...

by Kai Hammond


Technology and AI can positively impact your hiring strategy and improve candidate experience. AI is already revolutionizing business through digital marketing and data analysis...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories - Asia NELLIE WARTOFT - CEO, Tigerhall Please share with us briefly what you do. I’m the founder and CEO of Tigerhall, a knowledge-sharing platform headquart...

by Kai Hammond


The job market in the U.S. is booming. In fact, the job market is the hottest it has been in 50 years, with the U.S. adding jobs for the past 100 months in a row. While a boomin...

by Kai Hammond


Artificial intelligence is a gamechanger in the recruitment industry. Do you agree? I am sure you do, and I am sure you have experienced this. While technology exponentially imp...

by Kai Hammond


JAVID MUHAMMEDALI Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Bullhorn Bullhorn, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their busines...

by Simon Childs


New Success Stories - Asia Exclusive for HR Digital Today with market-leading HR Tech pioneers ​ NINA ALAG SURI, CEO and Founder of x0pa AI Please share with us briefly what you...

by Kai Hammond


Independent research commissioned by Tigerhall, the app that gets you ahead in your career, has revealed alarming findings about the nation's level of professional knowledge and...

by Kai Hammond

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