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New Success Stories - TalentKraft EUGENE GOH - CEO and Co-Founder Please share with us briefly what you do. I'm currently the co-founder of TalentKraft, a strategy consulting fi...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories - Adaface SIDDHARTHA GUNTI - CEO and Co-Founder Please share with us briefly what you do. I am a cofounder at Adaface. We help companies identify best engine...

by Kai Hammond


A number of employers and candidates are greatly affected by the sudden change of work arrangement. Some employers even had no choice, but to lay off their staff. Times are toug...

by Kai Hammond


The 4th version of the Singapore HR Tech Market Map is finally ready. Adrian Tan started this back in 2017 and mapped out the landscape himself. HR tech founders gave him leads ...

by Kai Hammond


New success stories - ATIOM MATTHEW SPRIEGEL - CEO and Co-Founder Please share with us briefly what you do. My company is called ATIOM. We are a mobile-first training company, f...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories - Neufast AGNES WUN - CEO Please share with us briefly what you do. Neufast has developed a cutting-edge artificial intelligence video interviewing enterpris...

by Kai Hammond


Join the biggest gathering of C-suite and HR practitioners in the region at HR Tech Festival Asia where technology serves as the guiding light to navigate the evolution. Be insp...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories - Learn Anchor GERALD GIAM, Co-Founder and CTO Please share with us briefly what you do. I am the co-founder and CTO of Vitis Solutions, a Singapore-based co...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories - Veremark DANIEL CALLAGHAN, CEO Please share with us briefly what you do. Veremark is a digital background screening company that adds simplicity and confid...

by Kai Hammond


From one2ones with key investors to exhibiting the products to more than 3,000 talent and business leaders, People Matters TechHR Startup Program 2020 holds many opportunities f...

by Kai Hammond

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