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What are the unprecedented challenges faced by the HR department during change management? Why does employee morale matter especially during a crisis? What does disruption innov...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories MATT HOLYOAKE, CEO, and Founder, Misobase Please share with us briefly what you do. I’m the founder of Misobase - a plug & play flexible benefits platform fo...

by Kai Hammond


People Analytics has evolved to become an essential part of any company’s business strategy. CEOs, CHROs and line managers understand that People Analytics are a vital part of r...

by Simon Childs


Human Capital Investment: A Long Term Commitment What are the unprecedented challenges faced by the HR department during change management? Why does employee morale matter espec...

by Kai Hammond


SINGAPORE, September 18 — Last Friday, nine students marked the end of their 9-week FullStack coding Bootcamp by presenting applications that they created from scratch. The prog...

by Kai Hammond


Digital Innovation in HR & Workplace Learning 8 - 9 October 2019, Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore Over 1,000 HR & learning players have already booked their free passes for ...

by Kai Hammond


Digital Innovation in HR & Workplace Learning Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore 8 - 9 October 2019 HR Digital Today supports the HR & Learning Show Asia featuring cutting edge...

by Kai Hammond


By Vinay Johar, CEO - Rchilli Inc. I find it amazing how HR technology is making advancements to provide remarkable improvement in the recruitment process. AI, machine learning,...

by Kai Hammond


Avinash: How would you compare the sort of HR tech coming out of the India market compared to Silicon Valley and other global tech hubs? Are you seeing mirror copies or anything...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories - Asia PATRICK GENTRY, CEO and Co-Founder - Sprout Solutions Please share with us briefly what you do. I’m the Chief Executive Officer for Sprout Solutions, ...

by Kai Hammond

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