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  Zetl is Asia-Pacific’s first financing company for asset-light businesses. They help services businesses with their monthly operating expenses by providing growth, payroll, an...

by Callum Hull


  Transcript Callum Hull 0:00  Hello, and welcome to the first-ever podcast by us HR Digital Today. I'm joined by the Dipansh. He's gonna go for one of our CEO interviews. How'r...

by Callum Hull


CEO Questions An Interview with: Amna Aljarwan CEO: Knack 1. Please share with us briefly what you do. Knack is an enterprise talent development platform that gives employees di...

by Callum Hull


An interview with: Janson Seah Co-Founder 1.     Please share with us briefly what you do. StaffAny is a software-as-a-service that helps business owners reduce work dedicated t...

by Callum Hull


An interview with: Amit Gawande Co-Founder     1. Please share with us briefly what you do. I am the co-founder and CEO of CVViZ - ​​an AI-powered cloud-based online recruitment...

by Callum Hull


New Success Stories  CARLOS HORNSTEIN CEO and Co-Founder,  niikiis Please share with us briefly what you do. We are more than HR Software: we help employees do their job better....

by Callum Hull


  New Success Stories   -  DIMA  LYLYK,  CEO, and Founder   Please share with us briefly what you do. Zeeon is a metaverse for public talks and co-working. When Zoom meets Sims....

by Callum Hull


  Singapore – Between getting used to COVID-19 as an endemic disease in Singapore, managing staff and their vaccination status, and ensuring employees' health status, as well as...

by Callum Hull


New Success Stories   ASHISH JHA,  CEO, and Co-Founder Please share with us briefly what you do. We help businesses upskill their workforce at scale through personalised communi...

by Callum Hull


  Wearable tech that improves workplace health and safety, a recruitment aid that measures employee diversity, and a social video game for virtual conferencing: these are some o...

by Callum Hull

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