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Bangkok - November 19th - G-Able, the leading digital solutions provider in Thailand announced the renewal of its partnership with EngageRocket, the leading Asian employee engag...

by Kai Hammond


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is everywhere. It’s estimated that the technology will add $16 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Small and large businesses should take adv...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories EMMANUEL WHITE CEO and Co-Founder - WeLinkTalent ​ Please share with us briefly what you do. WeLinkTalent started in 2015 as a Strategic Recruitment and Exec...

by Kai Hammond


Our relationship and attitudes towards AI at work are steadily shifting – whereas traditionally when AI has tried to emulate and surpass human intelligence, now humans and AI ar...

by Simon Childs


Singapore - Local job hunters have spoken: Job security (11.4%) has creeped up to become one of the top considerations when seeking a new job or employer, following closely behi...

by Kai Hammond


Singapore’s family-first work policies critical towards sustaining attractive work environment: TMF Report TMF Group’s latest Global Business Complexity Index for the HR and Pay...

by Kai Hammond


What are the unprecedented challenges faced by the HR department during change management? Why does employee morale matter especially during a crisis? What does disruption innov...

by Kai Hammond


New Success Stories MATT HOLYOAKE, CEO, and Founder, Misobase Please share with us briefly what you do. I’m the founder of Misobase - a plug & play flexible benefits platform fo...

by Kai Hammond


People Analytics has evolved to become an essential part of any company’s business strategy. CEOs, CHROs and line managers understand that People Analytics are a vital part of r...

by Simon Childs


Human Capital Investment: A Long Term Commitment What are the unprecedented challenges faced by the HR department during change management? Why does employee morale matter espec...

by Kai Hammond

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